Encouraging Handicrafts from Nepal

Handmade from Nepal is a unique business, located in Kathmandu,the capital city of Nepal. We specialize in offering a wide variety of handmade products, from raw materials to specialized handicrafts. We are one of the few handicraft manufacturers capable of offering such a wide array of high-quality handmade products under one roof. From statues, pashminas,felt to yarns, Buddhist ritual items and much more, our manufacturing,trading,shipping and quality control company guarantees the highest satisfaction rates possible.

Who We Are

Unlike a simple retailer, we are dedicated to providing not only the highest quality products, but also remarkable service designed to fulfill all of our customers' needs. At Handmade from Nepal, we personally manufacture nearly all of the handcrafted items offered. However, in order to meet customer demands, we are also capable of sourcing any handicraft items that we do not currently produce. In effect, acting as your personal agent for handcrafted items from authentic Nepali artisans.

In addition to the manufacture and sale of a wide variety of handmade items, we also ensure the best services available by personally handling all of your shipping needs. From individually packaging and shipping every order to acting as your personal shipping agent, we will work with you or your preferred shipping company to ensure the safe and efficient delivery of your goods.

What We Do

At Handmade from Nepal, we are responsible for the resourcing, manufacture, sale and distribution of a wide array of handmade products. In addition to personally manufacturing the majority of handcrafted items that our customers require, we also act as our clients' personal agents in sourcing the products they desire from local artisans.

As part of our quality assurance, we personally inspect all products before distribution in order to ensure that the highest quality standards are maintained. Our expert team guarantees that all products provided can meet the rigorous quality standards set by our team.

Finally, we act as your personal shipping agents in sourcing, packaging, handling and custom clearing the products and items you need. From the artisan to your doorstep, we guarantee that every handcrafted item you order is top-of-the-line and arrives in pristine condition.

  • Manufacturing, trading and exporting handmade products from Nepal.
  • Quality checking and product inspection service by our expert team.
  • Working as your shipping agent including, collecting the product from your manufacturer in Nepal, packaging, handling and custom clearing.

Our Mission and Goals

Our mission is to achieve a higher standard of responsible business ethics, service and performance. From ensuring that all of our artisans and staff are fairly compensated for their services to providing the best services available to our customers, at Handmade from Nepal we are dedicated to raising the bar for the professional manufacture and distribution of authentic handcrafted items.