1 Pair Handmade Tibetan Script Mantra Singing Bowl


The singing bowl is hand hammered and carved with Tibtan script. The sound waves produced by this singing bowl effects directly to the waves of the brain which relax our mind and body.

Diameter: 11/12.5 cm

Weight: 350gm/550gm

Used for: Meditation, Sound Therapy, Feng Shui, Chakra-Balancing etc

Package: 2 Singing Bowl, Wooden strikers and cushions

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Singing Bowl Details: 
In ancient history Singing bowls were believed to be made up of combination of seven metals listed below which are associated with the respective heavenly bodies:
1. Gold (Sun) 2. Silver (Moon) 3. Copper (Venus) 4. Iron (Mars) 5. Tin (Jupiter)
6. Mercury (Mercury) and  7 Lead (Saturn)
But in present commercial market, the singing bowls are made up of 5 metals alloy of copper and tin (bronze), iron, zinc and lead. The mixture of 80% Copper and 20 % Tin which gives the type of bronze which is harder than iron and more resistant to corrosion also known as bell metal are combined with other three metals, iron, zinc and lead which gives a complete singing bowl. 
Once the alloy of these metals are combined and put into the singing shape, the  bowl is hammered manually with hand and gives the permit round shape. Better hammered and deeper the singing ball better the sound. 
Steps to use 
1. Hold the singing bowl at your palm by left hand.
2. Grab the striker by right hand to its mid length pointing all the fingers downwards touching the wood.
3. Gently tap the singing bowl to warm up.
4. Gently rub the striker clockwise, with even pressure around the outside edge of rim of the bowl. Similar like stirring a big kettle of soup.
There are many other variation of playing singing bowl. But this is the basic one. 

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